Employers have committed a variety of resources, from curriculum development to internships, externships, and clinical rotation sites. Healthcare programs are unique in the fact that work-based learning through clinical experiences is a major component of the training. Employers are committed to providing those work-based experiences for BOOST students and participating in the development of the new simulation training. Many employers are now using simulation in the hiring process to assess the skills before hiring.

Employers identified critical skills that matriculating students must obtain before acquiring entry-level credentials. They also identified critical skills that were lacking among entry-level workers including computer skills, activity prioritization, critical thinking, customer service, desire to assist nursing staff, and commitment to healthcare.

Employers will serve on advisory committees, mentor students, interview completers and be guest speakers at workshops. BOOST will proactively engage employers and make it simple for them to participate from their offices.

WCCS is proud to have long standing commitments with the following agencies:

Cahaba Mental Health: http://www.cahabamentalhealth.com/
Lighthouse Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
Warren Manor Nursing Home
Vaughan Regional Medical Center: http://www.vaughanregional.com/

Taylor Internal Medicine
Selma Urgent Care http://www.selmaurgentcare.com/
The Marion Clinic (VRMC) http://www.vaughanregional.com/services/marion_clinic.aspx

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